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Common Sense for Non-Instructional Employees

A. Interaction with Non-Instructional
Do not discipline, counsel or touch students. Notify an administrator if you believe a student is misbehaving.
Do not flirt with students, staff members, and co-workers.
Do not discuss your personal life or personal matters with students, staff members, and co-workers.
Know and follow your worksite policy regarding reporting absences and tardies.
Request vacation days in writing and in advance for approval. Do not call in the morning and expect to be granted vacation leave for that day.

Do not conduct personal business during work hours or use the phone for personal calls.

Be present and on time every day.
Be a role model at work and in the community.
Dress professionally, appropriately, and modestly. Wear your uniform if your job requires it.
Know School Board Rules, especially regarding Drug-Free Work Place, Violence in the Workplace, Weapon Possession, Corporal Punishment, Sexual Harassment, Employee Conduct and Non-Instructional Personnel.
Do not argue with co-workers; use of profanity is prohibited by Board Rule.
Respect your supervisor and follow all instructions given, whether or not you agree with them.
Request a leave if you will be absent from the worksite more than 30 days.
Do not assume your supervisor/principal knows why you are absent for a long period of time. Notify him/her in writing of your intentions. It is better to resign than be terminated from your job for abandonment.
Remember, romance and work can be a dangerous combination. Do not risk your paycheck for what may be a temporary partner!


Sexual Harassment
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